Unify your communications

Orbit brings all your communications together, regardless of how and where they started – desk phone, mobile, email, SMS, chat and video. One conversation in one place.

  • Make your mobile a true extension of your phone system with instant visibility of call activity via your desktop
  • Never lose the thread of a conversation with all emails and chat messages linked to calls in the hub
  • Do away with business travel, with video conferencing letting you 'meet' on your desktop
  • Live presence helps you put callers through to the right person, first time, by showing you who's available and who's on a call
  • Pull up customer details as they call in with seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook™, Active Directory and CRM

Never miss a call

Orbit makes it easy for you respond to customers and colleagues as quickly and effectively on the move, as you would from your office. No more missed calls, no more lost opportunities.

  • With Orbit you're more than a number. All services are designed to revolve around you and where you are, not an extension
  • Mobile integration lets you route calls simultaneously to both your deskphone and mobile, with the hub giving you visibility of all calls routed to either device
  • If you're out on business or away from the office for any reason simply route calls to colleagues with call forwarding
  • With hunt groups you can share calls across your teams so they're never left unanswered

Reduce your spend

Orbit gives you all the benefits of IP telephony, such as reduced calling rates and free calls between sites and remote workers. Grow your business, shrink your bills.

  • Call at landline rates via your mobile, with dial back linking calls you make via an app on your mobile to the person you want to call
  • Do away with expense claims for business calls on personal mobiles by using the mobile app for company calls
  • Eliminate the need for a phone system at every branch office. Fewer lines and hardware, and simpler administration
  • Limit bill shock by assigning spend limits to lines

Future proof your telecoms

Orbit gives you more enterprise telephony features as standard and because you’ll keep receiving system updates all the latest features will be available long into the future.

  • We're committed to continual development of Orbit and new features will be available via the desktop and the mobile app
  • Simplify administration by managing sites, users, groups and departments yourself from the easy to use administrators console
  • Get closer to your customers by using any geographic area code no matter where you're located
  • Stop wasting time retyping numbers from an email or a webpage. Simply hover your mouse over the number and click to dial!

Do you have a question about Orbit? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch.