Hardware and Infrastructure

What does Orbit run on?

Orbit comes as an on-premise 1U rack mount solid state server.

Can I use my own server as a host?

Yes if you operate a VMware environment.

Can I make a backup of the server?

The server automatically creates a back-up every day which can be used to restore the system as part of a disaster recovery plan.

How do telephones connect to the server?

All the devices will need to sit on your Local Area Network or accessible via VPN for remote offices.

What kind of telephone lines can I connect to Orbit?

Orbit supports ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP Trunks.

What are SIP Trunks?

SIP is the Voice over IP protocol offering an alternative to traditional ISDN telephone lines.

We operate over multiple sites. Do I need a server for each site?

No. One server can support all sites.

Can I have a standby server?

You can purchase a second server as a warm standby for disaster recovery.


Can I use my existing desk phones?

Unfortunately no you can’t. However Orbit supports Cisco SPA IP Telephones, Polycom Conference Units and Gigaset Cordless Phones.

Will my headsets work with Cisco SPA phones?

We can supply converters to support almost any headset.

How do the phones connect to the server?

All phones are IP based and connect to the Orbit server over the local area network.

How are the phones powered?

All desk phones are powered by either a mains adapter or via a Power over Ethernet (POE) network switch.

Do the phones come with a warranty?

Yes. A two year manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I configure the phones?

You don’t need to worry about that as all phones are pre-provisioned.

Can I use any PC compatible headset with the Desktop Client to make calls?

Yes although functionality may be limited on some models.

Desktop Client

What is the Desktop Client?

The Desktop Client is a central hub of Orbit and allows softphone calls, UC functionality and call control.

How do I install the Desktop Client?

You can download the App directly from the server or we can supply the files for you to roll out via your preferred Mobile Device Management platform. It will also be available via App stores.

Do I need anything else installed for the Desktop Client to work?

You will need Java 7. This is available via the install screen.

Do I have to use the Desktop Client?

The vast majority of customers use the Desktop Client but it is not required. Some functions are only available when using the Desktop Client.

Mobile App

What operating systems does the Mobile App support?

We currently support the Android OS. Apple iOS and Blackberry 10 will be added later this year.

How do I install the Mobile App?

You can download the App directly from the server or we can supply the files for you to roll out via your preferred Mobile Device Management platform.

Do I have to pay for the Mobile App?

No, it’s free.

How does the App connect to the Orbit server?

The App connects to the Orbit server over the mobile data network or WiFi.

Can I use the Mobile App when abroad?

The App will work when you are abroad however we recommend you ensure you’re on the correct mobile data tariff or use WiFi to avoid high roaming charges from your network operator.

Installation and Support

How long does it take to install Orbit?

Most installs can be completed in one day. Our presales team can conduct a site survey to confirm before we begin the install.

Will there be any downtime whilst the system is being installed?

Most customers experience less than a minute of downtime whilst we swap the lines over and this can be done out of hours.

Is the new system hard to learn?

Orbit is very intuitive however we offer core feature training as a part of the installation for staff. Administrator training will be completed with our product team prior and post installation.

What do I do if I want to change the way the system is setup?

Contact your named customer support agent who will be happy to assist with any changes to your system.

Does it cost extra to make changes?

No, you can make changes as many times as you like.

What do I do if I have a technical problem?

Again, simply contact your named customer support agent who will work with you to resolve any issues.

How quick can you be on site in the event of a major problem?

We aim to be on site on the next working day if we can’t resolve a fault remotely. More details would be available in your Maintenance Support Agreement.